13 February 2017
Clement Schrepfer, author of "How to Fence Epee - The Fantastic 4 Method"

Interview for “The Sword” Magazine

Interview with Clément Schrepfer, author of How to Fence Epee: The Fantastic 4 Method, the best selling fencing book in France in 2015. Readers will no doubt recall that Will was the winner of the ‘Fencing Travel Story Competition’ (‘The Sword’, January 2016, p29) and his ‘Medal Kiss of Death…’ piece (which appeared in ‘The Sword’, July 2016, pp21-25) – Editor Will Miller (WM): Congratulations on writing such an accessible fencing book. It’s like a summary of best practice in epee, with the fourpart structure making it easy to keep the key points in mind when on the piste. I’ve […]