How to fence Epee – The fantastic 4 method

A new book for revolutionize your fencing !

Best selling fencing book 2015 in France

Written by Clément Schrepfer
Preface by Hugues Obry
Translated from the french by Brendan Robertson

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Extract from Preface

“All books on fencing focus on technique which is a very narrow focus for our sport.

This book looks at fencing in another way, from that of an enthusiast, a fencer who has lived in the world of fencing for over 20 years and who has acquired exceptional experience.

Through this book you will be able to understand the real challenges faced by fencers of all levels. All fencers, from beginner to high level competitors, will find tools and tips in these pages to make real improvements.”

“This is a new method, it is revolutionary and it works.”

Hugues OBRY

What is inside ?

How to fence against left-handed ?

How to beat an opponent stronger than you ?

How to analyze every scored touch ?

How to build a strategy before the bout ?

A revolutionary fencing method

A revolutionary fencing method

“The way in which Clément explains his vision of fencing, and in particular epee, is completely revolutionary! Until now, no one had made such a highly theoretical subject so accessible.”
– Hugues OBRY –
A beautiful testimony to our sport

A beautiful testimony to our sport

“I enjoyed the original and offbeat approach.
The formalization of its passionate competitor experience through this method is a beautiful testimony to our sport.”
– Eric SRECKI –
The perfect book on epee fencing

The perfect book on epee fencing

“Once I started reading I couldn’t put it down. The book is filled with the lessons I have learned over the years but, unlike learning fencing over more than two decades, and unlike any other fencing book I have ever read, this one codified it in a way and in one place that was easy to understand, easy to remember, and easier to put into practice. In short, it is the perfect book on epee fencing. As Hugues said, it’s revolutionary.”
– Brendan ROBERTSON –