How to fence Epee – The fantastic 4 method


“How to fence Epee – The fantastic 4 method” is an explanatory concentration method to perfect his practice of fencing.

It is the fruit of a reflection on several years of practice of epee fencing in competition at the highest level.

A practical manual to help those who read it:

  • to understand the game via an innovative approach
  • to improve their competitive practice.

This method is meant to be didactic, rational and adapted to all types of games.

Rediscover fencing through a method designed to make you progress.

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What is this ?
It’s a practicle manual for perfecting your epee fencing like you never saw before ! You will know :

  • how to analyze all scoring actions,
  • how to develop a winning strategy,
  • the mechanisms that lead to performance,
  • how to improve your epee fencing, whatever your level,
  • … and much more !

Who is it for ?
This book is for recreational fencers, fencing masters and competitive fencers of all ability levels. It will expand your vision of epee fencing and help you to improve systematically.

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